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1) ELIMINATE all the political parties by replacing them with all citizens of age, the only who have the right of decision about all matters.

2) THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE makes its choices by means of the modern means of communication: telematics = telematic vote; television = an exclusive channel televising non-stop live or recorded programs and teletext; telephone = citizens proposals; computers = data collecting, storing and processing.

3) DECENTRALISEthe power, by giving 80% of power, responsibility and management to the LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, the actual municipalities; the outstanding 20% to the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT for the national coordination in Rome.

4) EACH LOCAL GOVERNMENT will be the sovereign within its borders and will vote with national validity, according to the number of citizens of the municipality.

5) EXPERTS, who get a salary, will administer both LOCAL and CENTRAL GOVERNMENTS, and they will be employed and dismissed by the citizens by means of the TELEMATIC VOTE; they will put into practice in the best way the choices of people. Each EXPERT will propose different solutions to any problem within his authority, by specifying the pros and cons, but it is only people who finally decide, by means of the TELEMATIC vote.

6) Telematic, phone and television communications will be at local level for any problems regarding the municipality and at national level for any problem regarding the whole country.

7)A new SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP based on the most advanced technology. Each citizen will be in contact with the Municipality and the whole country from home.

8) 80% of wealth produced will be at the disposal of the LOCAL GOVERNMENT, the outstanding 20% will be sent to the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT to be used for national matters.

9) TWINSHIPbetween rich and poor Municipalities, e.g.: SASSUOLO (MO) and S. LUCA (RC) for the economic development of the poor one but, above all, for the mutual cultural integration.

10)Gradual but drastic REFORMS starting from suburbs and smaller Municipalities, by safeguarding what is right and giving examples and experiences to bigger Municipalities.

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Ottorino Rizzi  5-6 Aprile 1992 

If you want to refuse both old and new political parties, it is necessary not to go to the polls. Even with the new electoral system, the bureaucratic class holds its power, with new persons but with the same “tampering-money” administration method. Italians: If you really want a real and solving change, you must administer by yourselves. There is only one way to become ALL sovereigns and eliminate ALL subjects: PEOPLE DICTATORSHIP.

Ottorino Rizzi 


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