1) TO GET RED            OF  PARTIES      


For which reason should we get rid of Parties, first clear expression of Democracy in the world? Because they are the expression of the ruling class political power. The ruling class members are the politicians, the government officials, all the people that earn extra-money, that abuse their power for private business or enjoy privileges thanks to their position in Civil Service until there are representatives of a “party” (it comes from here the political meaning too), there will be always the abuse of the interests of some people in spite of others. But if we find a way that allows everybody to make choices, it will be impossible to cheat.
    Abolishing the parties, the oppressive ruling class arising from them will have no reason to exist. This means no ruling class holding the power and the riches belonging to the people; no government guarded by a pseudo-democracy granted by the Constitution.
People only now realise, thanks to the fall of the Berlin’s Wall in 1989, the existence of a dominant class. Somebody already in 1938, understood this so called soviet “Real Socialism” negative essence. This was a classic example of political degeneration, similar to the totalitarian “capitalist world oligarchic dictatorship”. Of course our bureaucrats consider the present system as the only one able to assure freedom. For this reason they support the political pluralism. At the same time, they do not tell us, that only “one party” is ruling as has already happened in ex-Soviet Union. Of course we see less tragic consequences in our system, but this is only due to the differences between the two social realities.
    Parties should represent the people’s common political ideas. They have the task to put into effect the electors’ will. Theoretically there are simple, democratic and rational ways, to put in few hands the decisions of a great number of people. In practice, things are different. The reality shows us a political class involved in the dirty business regarding all Civil Service fields. Our past proves it. Since societies got organised, we have always seen the privileged few, dominate, exploit, and cheat the oppressed majority. Bureaucrats are still hiding their true intentions under the disguise of morals, making people believe that a few men are sacrificing themselves for the community. It is just a lot of hot air to defend the status-quo and to keep their privileges. Even now we think we can solve the problem by replacing the man who rule, and avoid the admission that methods, not men, can solve problems. The political trend is to protect party power. The magistracy is torn by internal strife. One side, wants a leading role, attaches party power and struggles against the other side that is always tied to politicians. Having the same foundations, this oligarchy can be compared to a totalitarian system. Representing political ideas common to many people, it does not differs from an “one party”, even if of a less complex and less despotic kind. As a result of the elections, the parties will split the power among themselves. This will cause an internal struggle for power. But, again the bureaucratic class and the parties as a whole, will hold all the privileges. If the masses had the power to decide their vote without censorship, we would see the carrying out of a really democratic system. The same system the masses, being cheated by the ruling class, always wanted. The power to decide would be real, born from everybody’s effort and possible thanks to qualified technicians under masses control. The power given to the parties with the vote, serve as a method to justify a false-Democracy. This process is good for nothing but to give more power to the ones that obtained it. This is proved by the fact that the elected members are use to being paid with “favours” and the electors are use to selling them it for the same reason. In this way the whole Nation, and by this we mean everybody, is damaged. It is amazing how Italians, go on voting the same every year instead. They still believe their vote has a meaning, just because the candidates are represented by different symbols and colours. But in this way, parties only pretend to offer an opportunity of choice. In reality, they make profit of the majority’s support that justifies them in front of the international community. In fact, concerning this matter, all parties are agreed. As well they are agreed to ask the people to vote. To survive, bureaucrats need people to support the system. The vote is necessary to nothing but to this. If after the Second World War (when the winning nations split the world as they wanted) people had chosen the Italian Communist Party, we would now have something similar to the Eastern Europe situation. This means it makes some difference in how the people will vote. It remains today, that we are dominated by the ruling class. What everybody (with no exceptions) keeps repeating, is to support the political parties, the only ones able to safeguard democracy. So, these are hard times for the people who dream of something really different, the problem of adopting reforms or that look for a changeover. There is no consideration of discussing any method of reform that would abolish forever political parties. This is because somebody thinks there would be “a policy void and dangerous consequences”. We think that this policy void has always existed and will always exist until politics will be a matter for a few “elected”; until the masses will be kept away from it. We are convinced that our political situation is similar to the one of other nations where there is present a nomenclature interested to guard it. But, being confident in at least some of these men, we could give the fault to political dullness maybe due to preconceived ideas. But, why has to be considered such a sacrilege to look for a New Way ? (we mean New with capital n). We could try to find it all together in a constructive way. No leadership would mean no party strife and no ambitious aims. Our proposal keeps everybody away from the opportunity to rise to power. The whole community will represent all the political ideas, without making any distinctions between classes, religions, lobbies and so on. Humankind is going to live a magic moment. Now in the year two thousand, we have the opportunity to carry out something that for merely technical reason was just impossible before. We are going to realise the “Real Socialism”. The main point now, is not to postpone the social evolution. We cannot be influenced by the aims of the parties or by the purpose of the church. Anyway, what does it cost to us to try the “New” once we have realised the uselessness of the old system? It costs only to the ones that have something to lose. This proves once again the existence of a gap between classes. With the compromises our politicians care so much about, we obtain only frauds. These are more ruinous than the old ideas. We have to be brave and decide to get rid, once for all, the old system. It should not be too difficult, considering that the situation can be changed gradually with everybody working together. To manage autonomously the public matters, as it already happens for the private ones, can bring only better results. Indeed this has always been , the human soul’s secret aim. Even considering everyone to act egoistically, it would be to the whole community’s advantage. In fact no one would have more power than others. Telematics levels everything, so everybody has the same opportunities. Everyone contributes what he can, but enjoys the whole community success. These are the technical means we needed to realise a new system. What we are talking about is the “True New”, the pacific revolution. New born parties and renewed parties will never be able to solve the main problem. They will never act in the community interest. They are only a minority too tied to its ego and acting in its interest. Nowadays, when the ruling class is influenced by crime news happening, we can notice a strange tendency to the Safe of Bureaucratic Class. Given that, the old Civil Service has lost reliability and respectability because of well known judicial proceedings, a side of Bureaucracy that took its place in political ruling. We are referring to entrepreneurs only now coming out, but those that always had some dubious deals with politicians. Mr.Berlusconi is just a Craxi’s substitute. He has made deals with him. Now he is replacing him. The situation of course is due to the Italians considering him a great and infallible business man, the hope of an easy future based on consumerism. But if the system does not change, no Berlusconi can save us. It will become worse in the future. At present, the “Ancient Regime” ruling in spite of the “Second Republic” is corrupted. So, it will never be able to solve the serious political problems. Social economical gap will not only increase in Italy but in the whole world. Underdeveloped countries will never be able to find a solution to their of problems, until the rich countries solve their own. We have to become aware of the big urgency to replace the universal system with a properly egalitarian one. Otherwise things will come to a head with consequences easily imagined. We have to renounce to our privileges before is not too late. The French Revolution teaches us something, we do not want history to repeat itself after two-hundred years. At that time we freed ourselves from the aristocracy and from the clergy. Now we have to redeem ourselves from our past and from its consequences: the people’s representatives. At the end of the eighteenth Century, with no bad intentions (maybe), the “Enlightened Men” destroyed a social class to replace it with another one less easy for the masses to recognise. The masses were cheated by the propaganda and by brainwashing.

Ottorino Rizzi 1992 e successivi.