5) THE TECHNICIANS              


The word “technician”, perfectly defines technicians tasks too. In fact, they have to put into practice the community’s decisions. And who, if not a technician, can do this?. Of course, not a politician, he would abandon his position, even before getting aware of his tasks. Of course not a man that owes his position to favouritism. Some people could reply that we have got many technicians-politicians too. It is true. But, for political reasons, the party’s aims, will always prevail over technical methods. Technicians-politicians will be overcame by the system’s political changes. If a business man has not the right skills for his job, he will be certainly replaced by a more experienced one. This does not fit with our ruling class, made of people keeping their positions for the whole life. Technicians should be recruited and dismissed by the citizens. They should be responsible to of the people for their actions. The ones that are not up to their tasks, cannot keep their position for a long time. Thanks to the telematics’ vote, the citizens will choose, whom they think to be more qualified to rule. Citizens will define salary too, and will be not influenced by technicians just carrying out their will. Citizens, even if not so well-informed about technics, will be skilled enough to judge results. Moreover, with technicians working in team, exchanging ideas, doing their best not to be dismissed, a true kind of democratic pluralism will be carried out. Concerning local situations, it is known that citizens are aware of their problem. So, there is no risk of being cheated by some “preacher” of our time. Both at local and national levels there will be a lively turnover of skilled technicians ready to suggest the best plans, projects and solutions.
    The reality we have to face now, instead, is quite different. We have to admit, our system to be paralysed. The men that have risen to power in fact, are interested in only their own interests instead of the ones of the community. About one thousand members form our Parliament and all of them are involved in power struggles. They enter into alliances before the elections to get more votes and start struggling against these alliances, once they have gained their aims. They have to keep in mind favours, promises, refusals, compromises, for these people politics is a mere job, a way to enjoy privileges, their intentions are far away from citizens’ ones. To this kind of people, we have to prefer technicians with their technical skills and no power to decide. They carry out a majority’s choice (half of the electors plus one). Yes, because to win will be determined by who gets the most vote from the majority choice and those voted out of office will leave with no resentment because the decision is from the majority.. With a mathematical method (each one has the same opportunity to choose), it will be not difficult to get a consent.
    People choose one of the projects suggested by the technicians, planned to solve a problem. The technicians get a salary for their work and have the task to carry out their plan . Technicians, whose plans were refused, will not get a job in the administration field till the next election. Meanwhile, they are allowed to keep their private job, obtained by their experience and skills. All the technicians to get a job in the administration field. It will be impossible to be corrupted and the ones that make mistakes lose the electors’ confidence. Technicians cannot be corrupted by citizens all of them has to deal with other authoritative and qualified candidates.

Ottorino Rizzi 1992 e successivi.