9) THE TWINNING                     


The word “twinning” means for us a co-operation between two or more municipalities, nation, families or individuals to merge deep gaps in social, economical and cultural development. Let us take for example, a North Italian rich municipality, it will be well-suited to the renewed European reality. It will have, because of geographical reason, much in common with the North European culture. This municipality would be given the task to reduce the gap existing between it and a South Italian one. With this “twinning”, we would contribute to the carrying out of a cosmopolitan society. This would be the result of two different cultures and experiences and would improve thanks to the economical exchange between the countries. “Twinning” can work between individuals too. In practice, thanks to a direct contact between men or countries, can be obtained a positive evolution without wasting money, human resources, nor time. The material and cultural wealth decreases during the passages from one administration to another. When it finally arrives to the local government it serves nothing. It is like alms from the rich society to keep quite its conscience this is hypocrisy. A kind of dullness that one day will change abruptly bringing catastrophic effects. With “twinning” instead, both sides come to an agreement that both respect. In fact, this has to be the desire from both. The aim of “twinning” is to support social and economical integration between people. It is not a matter of welfarism old manner but a way to help the people that need it more. They deserve to be helped to achieve a standard degree of welfare. While developing, they will try not to make the same mistakes as other countries. Our societies are interested in the great migration that goes from the South towards the North. But, the latter is not able anymore to absorb the coming masses, from their side this is aware of the fact that there is no easy future waiting for them. The rich societies, bringing their experience, have to help the poor ones to progress socially and economically. Each member of an underdeveloped country, should be seen as a brother and not only as a possible customer. While co-operating, both sides will have to avoid institutions, societies, organisation and so on. The western citizen that meets the Third World citizen, will introduce himself to him. Afterwards he will introduce his family to the Third Word family, they will progress towards friendship. They will easily find solutions to the problems and none of them will boast superiority. The one that gets in contact with somebody needing help, has to do his best to find a solution to the other’s problems with no waste of energies. It is our task to go directly to poor houses bringing our technical knowledge and our means. The Lombard entrepreneur interested in same southern area, will stimulate the people living there, to progress. His aid will not be the alms. On the contrary, he will bring fiscal and administrative reforms. This means, no taxes for a first period and flexibility in administration. He has to introduce economical initiatives in a region with no entrepreneurial mentality; a region, rich with workforce and willing to develop and to emancipate. The ones that do not want to emancipate, will not get free livelihood The “twin” has to push his “protected” to keep on the right track. Someone could say that not everybody wants to adopt a European mentality!. Well, then they are free to live as they want. But, as well they do not have to wait for free aid from the North European minded people; the author of the rich world. The one that wants to do nothing, has always had the ability to create problems and damage the workers. We can not let this happen. The recent system supports exactly this kind of men They want to get rich but do not want to make efforts and sacrifices. In one word, they have no good intentions. It is easy to talk about the rich Italian north-east. In the past, there was just a mass of ignorant farmers. But after the Second World War, they took the opportunity (that all the people had) to rebuild the country’s economy and to get an education. Slowly they gained their actual level. The underdeveloped countries have a similar aim as the inhabitants of Veneto had the right attitude towards reconstruction . If after 50 years of Second Italian Republic founded on work, still exist underdeveloped countries, this means they do not have the right attitude. We have to pay attention talking about people that need help. In fact even among the rich societies, we see an overwhelming majority with economical difficulties. The same majority is the cause of its condition. It has always been creating new problems without putting any efforts in solving its old ones. The same widespread indifference we can observe, concerning poor people. The consequence is that children pay for these mistakes, they are the products of a certain mentality. We think they cannot go on living their lives with closed minds and to allow the children, the future, to pay by their narrow thinking. But the main point is that they do not have to except from the differently minded people, to pay for their mistakes.

Ottorino Rizzi 1992 e successivi.